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Apostolic Succession   Saint Gertrude Utrecht Netherlands

 Old Catholic Line of Succession

ANTONIO CARDINAL BARBERINI, as Archbishop of Rheims , 1657. He consecrated in the Church of the Sorbonne, Paris, the son of the Grand Chancellor of France,

CHARLEAS MAURICE LATELLIER, succeeding as Archbishop of Rheims, November 12, 1668. He, in turn, consecrated in the church of the Cordeliers, Pontois,

JAMES BENIGNE BOSSUET, as Bishop of Condom, September 21, 1670. He was transferred to the See of Meaux by Pope Clement X, 1671. He, in turn, consecrated in the church of Chartreuse, Paris,

JAMES GOYDON DE MATIGNON, Bishop of Condom, 1693, son of Count De Thoringy. He was Doyen of Lisieux and Abbey Commendantaire De St. Victor, Paris. By order of Pope Clement XI, he consecrated at Paris ,

DOMINIC M. VARLET, as Bishop of Ascalon in partibus, and coadjutor to the Bishop of Babylon, Persia, February 12, 1719. Retiring later to Holland , he died 23 years after in the Cistercian Abbey of Rhijnwick. In response to the appeals of the Chapter of the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht, he consecrated,

PETER JOHN MEINDAERTS, as Archbishop of Utrecht, October 17, 1739. He had been one of several priests ordained in Ireland by Luke Fagan, Bishop of Meath, afterwards Archbishop of Dublin, with the view of sustaining independence of the ancient Church of the Netherlands , founded by St. Willibrord in the 7th century. By his consecration to the Episcopate, the succession of the Old Catholic Church in Holland has been perpetuated. Archbishop Meindaerts consecrated,

JOHN VAN STIPHOUT, as Bishop of Haarlem, July 11, 1745. He, in turn, consecrated,

WALTER MICHAEL VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN, as Archbishop of Utrecht , February 7, 1768. He consecrated,

ADRIAN BROEKMAN, as Bishop of Haarlem, June 21, 1778. He consecrated,

JOHN JAMES VAN RHIJIN, as Archbishop of Utrecht, November 7, 1805. He consecrated,

GILBERT DE JONG, as Bishop of Deventer, November 2, 1805. He consecrated,

WILLIBROD VAN OS, as Archbishop of Utrecht, April 24, 1814. He consecrated,

JOHN BON, as Bishop Haarlem, April 22, 1819. He consecrated,

JOHN VAN SANTEN, as Archbishop of Utrecht, June 14, 1825. He consecrated,

HERMAN HEYKAMP, as Bishop of Deventer, July 17, 1854. He consecrated,

GASPARD JOHN RINKEL, as Bishop of Haarlem, August 11, 1873. He consecrated,

GERARD GUL, as Archbishop of Utrecht, May 11, 1892. He consecrated,

ARNOLD HARRIS MATHEW, as Regional Old Catholic Bishop for Great Britain , April 28, 1908, at St. Gertrude's Church, Utrecht . He was elected Archbishop in 1911. He had been ordained to the Priesthood by Archbishop Eyre, at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Glasgow , June 24, 1877. He consecrated,

LANDAS BERGHES, on June 29, 1913. He consecrated,

HENRY CARMEL CARFORA, on October 4, 1916. Carfora was elected Archbishop of the United States for all Old Catholics. He consecrated,

 Robert Alfred Burns in 1956. He consecrated,

  Robert Lane in 1970.   He consecrated,

 Floyd Anthony Kortenhof, of the Old Roman Catholic Church, English Rite in 1991.  He consecrated,

 Thomas E. Abel on May 25, 2003 as Auxiliary Bishop of the Old Roman Catholic Church, English Rite. Bishop Abel came under his own Jurisdiction on August 8, 2004. Bishop Abel headed the Catholic Church of America, originally called Old Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of San Diego. In January of 2006 the Catholic Church of America came together with the Diocese of California, American Catholic Church. Bishop Abel was elected Presiding Bishop of the Church, a position he held until July of 2012 when he stepped down to focus on parish growth at Santo Niño Catholic Church.   He consecrated, 

MARK RANDALL EARL, on January 23, 2016, as Coadjutor Bishop to assist Bishop Abel for the Catholic Church of America. Bishop Earl became the second Presiding Bishop on September 11, 2016 upon Bishop Abel’s retirement.


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