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The Reverend David Justin Lynch
Saint Cecilia Catholic Community

Catholic Church of America




Father David Justin Lynch was ordained to the transitional diaconate on November 29, 2014 and to the Priesthood on December 12, 2015. He is the pastor of Saint Cecilia Catholic Community in Palm Springs, California.

Father David also assists at the Holy Trinity Ecumenical Catholic Church in Long Beach and at the Saint Matthews Ecumenical Catholic Church in Orange.

Prior to this, Father David has served the greater Church Catholic for over 50  years as lay worship leader, sacristan, preacher, author, acolyte, chorister, composer of church music, vestry member, chancellor, and diocesan council member, newsletter editor, and many other capacities in both Anglican and Old Catholic/Independent Catholic jurisdictions.

He holds a BA in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh and a JD Cum Laude from Western State University Law School. He  studied  for  ordination  privately with Reverend James  Farris, a priest with Saint Matthews Ecumenical Catholic Church in Orange.

His  ordained ministry  emphasizes facilitation  of  lay  ministry,  extending  a  welcoming hand  to  those  who’ve  had  a  bad  experience  with  church,  advocating social justice for the poor and oppressed, and promulgating quality sung liturgy. In secular life, he owns a law firm in Palm Springs representing workers hurt on the job in the Workers Compensation system.  His writings have been published in The Living Church. He is working on publishing his first book, a collection of twenty theological essays, which will be published in early to mid 2016. He is married to Sharon K. Talley, a property manager. 

Father David is available in the greater Palm Springs, Inland Empire, and Orange County areas for marriages, baptisms and funerals.


Saint Cecilia Catholic Community

Sung Mass every Sunday at 10:30 am

555 North Commercial Road #1,


Palm Springs, CA 922621111


For more information please call: 760-778-8950


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