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What can I expect my first visit?

 First of all you'll be welcomed! At Santo Niño’s we believe there are no visitors, but rather all who join us for worship are full members of our spiritual family from the moment you enter our sacred space.  

 Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.

 A Sacred Space

As you enter, you will notice an atmosphere of worship and reverence.  Using the example of the early Church, our is a house based place of gathering and worship. The spage is small in the covnerted sunroom at the back of the house. You will see aspects of modern and traditional mixed, reflecting who we are as Catholic Christians. Our worship space is understated yet at the same time warm and welcoming to all as your eyes are drawen toward the altar and to the cross, taking our thoughts to Christ and to God whose house the parish is. 

The candles at the alter reminds us that Christ is the "Light of the world'' (John 8:12) other church appointments as God's house recalling the resurrection of Jesus. 

 The Mass

As you enter, a service bulletin and hyminal are provided from which you will be able to fully follow and participate in the service, regardless of your familiarity with Catholic worship traditions.  You are weocome any seat. Any questions you might have about the service are welcome.


Our Message

While our worship and music reflects the rhythms of the ancient church, the message from the pulpit reveals a living, breathing, dynamic body.  The parish stands as a place that celebrates great diversity and embraces the critical issues of our time; issues that affect all of us and either threaten or affirm who we are as God's people.

 Our Music

The parish features volunteers from our congregation, giving of themselves and their talents to enhance our worship with a mixture of contemporary and traditional hymns and songs, responsorial psalms and service music. In addition, the parish is sometimes host to concerts and performances throughout the year due to our centralized location and intimate ambiance.  The parish uses the Worship, Fourth Edition [published by GIA Publications.


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