All Saints Pastoral Care

 "Friends Helping Friends" 

    The Pastoral Care Ministry provides temporary assistance to individuals with a special need and is made up of our two clergy members.  

     Pastor Janine is available for counseling and help, or emergency visits as needed:

           The Very Rev. Janine C. Stock, VG, JD                    

             Office            (760)-602-0264 

              Cell Phone    (760)-271-1812

           The Most Rev. Thomas E. Abel, DD, is available at ANY time for pastoral emergencies or visit:

            Office                (858) 678-0888

            Cell Phone        (858) 945-2235.


     When parishioners need special assistance, such as transportation, a home visit, or temporary meal delivery, the Pastoral Care team is available to help. Please don't hesitate to contact them for assistance:

Transportation for help in coming to church or for special medical visits: 

Home meals when ill or in special need:


Cards to be mailed out to help remember special events:


To add a name to the Prayer Chain remembrance during church services:


 Lay Eucharist Ministries provide a team of trained members of the congregation to take personal communion directly from the altar on Sundays (or other days by special arrangement) to those sick at home.