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Mission Statement of Catholic Church of America

Our mission is to be an Open and Affirming community of faith with open arms and to celebrate Christ's transforming power in our midst. Our parish is one of prayer, worship, and music founded on Scripture, tradition, and reason personal responsibility. We are committed to reaching out, welcoming and serving others, and teaching and inspiring all ages of our diverse parish family.


 Parish Vision For 2000 – 2005

"Without some vision, the people will perish"  

Book of Proverbs, 29:18

Our parish will be seen as a spiritual home to a growing diverse community. We will provide an array of programs to include: Christian growth for all ages, fellowship opportunities, and a rich variety of outreach, in a welcoming and comfortable environment. The facilities we use at Pilgrim United Church of Church campus facilities allows us to be a cornerstone of the community.





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